Reimagining Loyalty with Bright Yellow Circle

Before I set up Verve IQ, I built my customer engagement skillset working across big brands, agencies and technology companies. I’ve worked with, and learned from, some talented people - and its great to be able to work with them again when the right opportunity comes up. And it has…

Matthew Banks and I go back almost 20 years - as pre-sales and product consultants for both Prime Response and Siebel. As Matthew moved through the Oracle ranks (leading business innovation and design), and moved into digital agency land, we’ve stayed in touch and supported each other along the way.

Matthew founded Bright Yellow Circle this year with a singular vision: to “make innovation simple, sustainable, and fun” and is already bringing much-needed, radical, new thinking to the industries we’ve both made careers out of: customer experience and loyalty.

I’m excited and privileged to join Matthew and BYC as an advisor as they bring their latest venture to market. There are lots of opinions of the ‘future of loyalty’, but Matthew and BYC are actually building a new operating model for it “uniting blockchain identity, currency and community”. Exciting times ahead!

If you’d like a sneak peek, drop your details here, or drop Matthew or myself a line…we’d love to know what you think.